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Summer Towers LLC
incorporated in 1999, provides leasing of tower space and site supervision for a variety of commercial and municipal communication needs.

Tower space services include:

  • Access & security procedures

  • Installation supervision

  • FCC licensing/registration

  • Sales agent for resale of additional users

Site supervision includes:

  • Site maintenance

  • Site auditing

  • Customer site walks

Tower sites meet all FCC and FAA regulations.

Who We Are

The two members who own and operate Summit Towers LLC are Greg Owens and Joe Shelton.

Greg Owens has spent over 25 years in the radio business, all of it in the west coast region. He was involved in the initial development of new two-way dealers programs, and was responsible for managing dealers, as well as creating a new network of dealers in the northwest with expanded product and system sales capabilities. Business grew from $11 million to over $16 million in a four year period. Greg selected over 100 dealers, and assisted them in the construction and implementation of business and marketing plans. He worked to develop the market for portable, mobile and point-to-point microwave data products, and acted as liaison between clients and engineers in design and function of those products. He has dealer and technical contacts in eight western states: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, California, North Dakota, South Dakota, Hawaii and Alaska.

Joe Shelton also has over 20 years’ communications experience in the western United States. He has extensive experience in two-way radio, telephony, broadband and microwave. Joe also owns and operates White Cloud Communications, a fifty-year-old business. White Cloud Communications has three full line communications service and repair facilities. They also provide service to customers on over 160 frequencies in the 900, 800 and UHF bandwidths.


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